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How to write a bonus check in QuickBooks


QuickBooks provides many facilities to the users at it has several functions which can be utilized through its different version of products. It has something for every kind of users. Apart from its diversity, you might face some technical errors like “How to write a bonus check in QuickBooks”? Well, nothing is to be worried as you can get the solution over here and you have to just follow them step by step and very strictly. In case any error occurs when there is another solution in the form of QuickBooks customer service number 1-800-234-6190 where you will get the support from the certified experts without any hassle.

The solution for ‘how to write a bonus check in QuickBooks’?

There are always many options to resolve any issue and here to two ways to resolve this issue:

Within regular paycheck.

Separate check than your paycheck.

Writing a bonus check within your paycheck:

If you want to add a bonus earned by your employees within their salary check and to do so you are required to add the amount to the salary figure. In QuickBooks, you can follow the steps

Steps to write a bonus check in QuickBooks for Accountants:

To start the process you have to first launch QuickBooks and then you have to click on the employee’s tab from the top navigation bar,

After that, you need to check in the name of an employee to whom you would like to grant a bonus.

Now you have to just click on the pay tab and then just choose to edit the entry.

After the previous step you have to scroll down a lit bit and then you can see a section which says “additional ways to pay” so you have to just click on the button.

In this step, you have to press the bonus tab and hit on ok. This action will activate the field within your regular paycheck.

Towards final step you have to create a paycheck in a normal way you do.

  • After that just select the regular payday button.
  • Now you need to click the name of an employee for whom you want to pay bonus,
  • Now you have to enter the salary amount with the bonus amount you have to pay.
  • Finally, you have to click on the approve button and your employee’s paycheck will be ready and approved.

As described above with a complete process, you can pay bonus checks to your employees. One thing you have to remember that you have to follow the steps one by one in a proper way if you want a perfect solution. If you couldn’t do that then no need to worry as you can resolve the issues through QuickBooks customer care number with the help of certified experts without any kind of hassle.

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